Als je je locatie meestuurt met een Tweet, zal Twitter deze opslaan. Je kunt de locatie aan-/uitzetten voor het plaatsen van elke Tweet en je hebt altijd de optie om je locatiegeschiedenis te verwijderen. Meer informatie

Leaving Tehran in 1979, and after traveling widely in the United States, he settled in England in 1986 and never returned to Iran where the Order continues to thrive despite official attempts to deny the spirit of Iranian sufis. He himself personified the sufi life, serving humanity in humility and love. In addition to his role as a sufi master, he was a pioneer in developing and establishing modern psychiatric practice and facilities in his native Iran.

Temples - In Jawad there are a lot of temples like "Lalji Dwara Mandir",Laxminath, Bhuteshwar, Batkeshwar, Sai Mandir etc. All the festivals are celebrated in Jawad with fervour and unity.

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