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In the outlying suburbs near Little Falls, new townhouse complexes are changing the face of Johannesburg. And with this development comes an increasing need for green spaces and recreation for city-dwellers.

Do you have skinny dipping on your bucket list this summer, but are too afraid to sneak away and do the deed? Well, perhaps it's time to find a clothing optional beach. Many think that nude beaches can only be found overseas, but America actually has a good handful of nudist-approved beaches with clothing optional areas all over the country.

There are many factors that control fast breathing in dogs and sometimes the problem related to breathing can become life threating. Breathing difficulties can affect any dog of any breed or age and that is why it is very important for you to take your dog to the vet as soon as possible if you notice any suspicious changes in breathing. The excessive breathing is named tachypnea (or polypnea ), while the troubled or fast breathing is referred to as dyspnea .

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Christina of . Christina has been training dogs for over a decade and developed her website to teach others to train their dogs to manage anxiety – Paul Dooley

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I finish cleaning and yarding my dogs by about 11am. Then I start walking. Up first is the beautiful bouncey big lab Yoko. She is just adorable and innocent with such sparkly eyes and a zest for life. She is going to her forever home this weekend. Then it's Mavis and Mauds turn....the two busy beagles. These two are fantastic. Despite being ex-breeders, both are very friendly, love fuss and attention, can walk on leads and are quite confident and inquisitive.

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